Our cigars are blended by some of the best master blenders in the cigar industry. Every cigar is handmade with premium tobacco that is aged a minimum, of three years in Esteli, Nicaragua.


“A Premium Smoke for Freedom Loving Patriots”

Aged three years. 100% long filler Cuban seed, Nicaraguan grown, aged tobacco is used in every cigar. Your palate will thank you!


The Patriot Cigar Company’s story started with the idea of incorporating the love of cigars with the love for freedom and America. There is no better way to celebrate our love for our country and freedoms we cherish, than smoking a premium cigar.

After months of trying out different blends and working with master blenders, we arrived at some of the best blends we have ever smoked. We knew we had to bring these premium handmade cigars to the industry and share them with other freedom loving patriots!

The Patriot Cigar Company is born!

Regards Patriot Cigars


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More Patriot Cigars heading out into the wild.
Some raffle prizes we donated for the @scffhc fundraiser at @sandcitybrewery this past week.

Beer, Cigars & Hockey. What could be better?
Hope to see you there!
Our customers are the BEST! Thanks, @miguelifornia!
It's cool when your cigars are being smoked in a cigar factory in the Dominican Republic
Special Release Patriot Cigars for a couple of special cigar events.
Get them here. 👇
TNT on deck!
Tonight! Whiskey, Jazz & Cigars!

@somersetbrewing 5pm to 10pm see you there!
A few orders on the way to some happy smokers!
Thanks for the support, @frank_rangerproud
Great stick, @omcigars!
Much appreciated!

#boutiquecigars #cigar
Patriots smoking Patriot Cigars!

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